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Business Insurance Packages

Commercial General Liability Insurance

CGI Agency offers comprehensively this cover that protects businesses from uncertainties. It covers damages, attorney fees medical expenses. CGI Agency offers coverage in the following scope; professional liability, premise liability, employer’s liability, fire liability, medical payments, product and completed operations and employees benefit liability.

Liability/Property Package Insurance

CGI Agency offers clients a liability/property package insurance that covers business properties. The cover takes into account all business assets that may be in either in monetary terms as either tangible assets or intangible assets. In this cover, only properties which are of insurable interest are the one insured and covered under the policy.

Umbrella Liability Insurance

CGI Agency is the popular and leading provider of Umbrella Liability insurance to clients. This is covered for long-term claims-paying ability that is shown by the company’s financial vigor. This cover is not limited to multinational clients; CGI agency also offers it to real estate, construction, hospitality and energy industries.

Garagekeepers legal liability

CGI Agency is the custodian of policies that entail garagekeepers Legal liability. The cover under this policy auto under custody, control or care i.e. the policy covers an automobile either in garage for sale, repair, service, parking on if being installed with equipment. In addition, the CGI agency’s garage keepers liability responds to premise exposure and my also include the custodians of such business properties under garage.

Liquor liability

CGI Agency also comprehensively offers coverage to alcohol business under varying terms of insurance. Our liquor liability is totally distinguished from general liability policies.CGI agency policy do offer coverage for law suits in relation to drunkard ad other claims made against the business in relation to the liquor.

Business Insurance Packages

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