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Commerical Auto, Trucking & Cargo Insurance Coverages

  CGI Agency is a specialized provider of commercial auto insurance for all auto related risks. Clients enjoy variety of commercial auto insurance that is provided by CGI agency because of the long time experience that the company possesses in the insurance industry.  This insurance plan can safeguard your business significantly in terms of losses and uncertainties that may arise as a result of operation. 

Truck and commercial auto liability

CGI Agency provides truck and commercial liability that covers distinct comprehensively subjects in less than one policy. The truck insurance covers trucks that are insured and which possess risk of loss and liable to damage of cargo in them. Commercial auto offers coverage to insured vehicle from any form of damage that may happen as result of utility of the matter insured. This cover entails long, intermediate and short haul.

Trucks, commercial auto and trailer physical damage

This policy also offers coverage insured’s operations and exposures.

Additionally, CGI agency offers commercial auto insurance that gives coverage insured auto, trailers and trucks of an insured that may be destroyed, damaged or lost due to fire, burglary, collision or vandalism.

The policy basically takes cover of any kind of damage that might happen on the insured matter during the time of the contract between the insured and insurer herein referred to CGI agency.

Motor truck cargo

At CGI Agency, motor truck cargo insurance if offered to cover clients from risks that may result while the cargo is under their control in the truck. This cover is only valid if the truck and cargo carried in it are at a highly predisposed to risks which are insured. The risks that are covered under CGI Agency’s policy of motor truck cargo includes theft, vandalism, damage and other forms of losses that may be incurred on the course of the cargo transportation so long as they are insured or excluded.

Trailer interchange

CGI agency offers Trailer interchange insurance that basically offers coverage for damage on trailers and trucks. This coverage is also available either via truck/motor carrier policy form or endorsement under BAP (Business Auto Policy).

Truck brokers

The distance between CGI agency and truck brokers is not an issue if a truck broker wants a truck broker insurance cover. CGI agency offers instant claim processing, maintained and updated driver communication and above all, 24/7 respond to customers’ needs in a swift and timely manner. CGI agency’s truck brokers thus offers brokers cover from any losses that may arise as a result of their operation..

Warehouseman’s legal liability

This insurance cover provides a crucial cover to companies or individuals exposed commercial or industrial distribution of goods and services that may be at one time be stopped or stored in the warehouse. CGI agency offers this cover in one complete package across multiple lines of business, quantity and market networks to clients who subscribe to this program.

Commerical Auto, Trucking & Cargo Insurance Coverages

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