CGI Insurance Services

Personal Auto Insurance

CGI agency offers personal auto insurance coverage to clients at a wider perspective and variety.

Part A

This policy is offered in parts; part A that provides liability coverage from lawsuits arising either from negligence operation or ownership of a covered automobile. In this Part A, there are two subdivisions: Bodily Injury and Property Damage.

* Bodily Injury covers the bodily injury claims of individuals negligently injured.

* Property Damage on the hand covers all third party property damage claims determined by the court order.

Part B

CGI personal auto policy part B provides medical payment and coverage of passengers in a car in case of accidents.

Part C

The part C is designed to offer protection to uninsured and underinsured motorists. In other words, part B and C are designed to protect insured in case where the loss causing individuals are does not have enough liability insurance under a given policy of insurance. Part C majorly covers bodily injuries with a few inclusions of property damage losses.

Part D

Offers coverage to damages on your own individual car.  

Personal Auto Insurance

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